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Health and Happiness

Recent findings in cognitive psychology have corroborated the same synapses of the brain fire whether you are remembering your own experiences, recalling a scene that you once read in a book or saw in a film, or dreaming of some future happiness. This research is especially significant in relation to art and Culture and the power it contains to transform our collective spirit and the quality of our lives. Everybody should be able to enjoy the pleasure, the opportunity for personal expression and the insightful, life-changing journey it can take us on. Through culture, the individual and communities are enriched with vitality to live healthy and happy lives.

In 2021 Wigan will begin a programme of cultural events, actions and happenings which will invite our citizens to imagine, visualise, build concepts and images which will begin a process of cultural transformation in our towns, parks, streets and homes. This stirring of the creative Fire Within is integral to building a vital path to health and happiness.

In 2021 The Fire Within will...