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A Place at the Table

A Place At The Table is an interactive table football project that follows the history of women’s football both locally and in context to the national and international game. The aim of the project is to celebrate, inform and encourage involvement in women’s football. Each table will focus on a point in history that highlights the place of women in football, as well the parallels with the development of rights for women and wider society at the time.

Explore the map below to find your nearest football table and click on the matches listed below to discover the history of each match.

A Place at the Table map

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  1. Match #1 - 1895 / Reds vs Blues, Turnpike Gallery, Leigh, WN7 1EB
  2. Match #2 - 1918 / South Lancashire Tramways vs Vulcan Factory, Shevington Library, WN6 8HA
  3. Match #3 - 1921 / Platt Bridge vs Abram, Wigan Library, WN1 1NH
  4. Match #4 - 1949 / Dick Kerrs vs Corinthians, Ashton Library, WN4 9BH
  5. Match #5 - 1962 / Dick Kerr vs Oldham Ladies, Tyldesley Library, M29 8EH
  6. Match #6 - 1970 / Southampton vs Stewarton Thistle, Golborne Library, WA3 3AW
  7. Match #7 - 1984 / England vs Sweden, Leigh Archive, WN7 1DY
  8. Match #8 - 1990 / Manchester United vs Wigan Ladies, Leigh Leisure Centre, WN7 4JY
  9. Match #9 - 2005 / Leigh RMI vs Wigan Athletic Ladies, Leigh Spinning Gate Shopping Centre, WN7 4PG
  10. Match #10 - 2018 / Liverpool vs Manchester United, Leigh Market, WN7 4PG
  11. Match #11 - 2022 / We Are Willow vs South Lancashire Tramways, Leigh Library, WN7 1EB

Event details

When: Friday 8th July – Saturday 31st July 2022

Venue: Various locations across the borough:

Cost: Free