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A Place at the Table

Personal Reflections

A major part of this project was to capture the personal perspectives of local women and girls that have played, supported and loved the game of football. Below are a collection of interviews giving different perspectives of the game and what it means to each of the those involved.

If you would like to share your own story, please contact us we would love to hear from you.

Interview #1 Margaret Shepherd (Tiny) & Margaret Whitworth (Whitty)

Tiny and Whitty found football by different routes but as ex-players of Manchester Corinthians, they share a lasting passion for the game having played for the team at national and international competitions.

Till and Whitty on facilities and kits story

Interview #2 Deborah Henry

Deborah is lead for the Manchester United Women’s Team Supporters Club. She attends all the games at Leigh and has been a football supporter since childhood.

Interview #3 Anne (not her real name)

Anne attended school in the 70’s with a dream to play football. Although this dream was never to be realized in the way she hoped, Anne is finally participating in the game through walking football and reflects on what this means to her and the impact the limited opportunities had on her as a young person.

Interview #4 Janet Talbort

A dedicated Manchester Untied supporter, Janet recounts how she fell in love with the game as a young fan and her experiences as a supporter.

Janet's football story

Janet's away match story

Janet's supporting England

Interview #5 Molly Smith

Molly is North-West Manager of Show Racism the Red Card, an anti-racism education charity. Molly reflects on her work and love of the game.

Molly's history with football and her views on inclusivity

Interview #6 Jill Calderbank

Jill plays for a local walking football team, sharing what this means for her personally from a social and wellbeing perspective.

Interview #7 Tilly Johnson

Tilly works at the National Football Museum and shares her experiences of playing for Newground United and in the Alternative Football League.

Interview #8 Fances Muscatelli

Fran, is in the same team as Tilly, playing for Newground United. Fran shares her development as a player and what her involvement in the game has meant to her off the pitch.

Interview #9 Nadine

Nadine is a local young person who talks openly about what football means to her.